Friday, 16 December 2016

#Shelfie: Toast Hash Roast Mash by Dan Doherty

The lovely Dan Doherty released his second cook book earlier this year - Toast Hash Roast Mash. And after living with it for a couple of months, I know it's going to remain a firm favourite.

I just adore this book. It's going to be one of those I keep by the side of my bed to flick through before I fall asleep, or reach for to cheer myself up at the end of a long week - well, toast, hash, roasts and mash are all the very best comfort food, if you ask me.

It is Dan's second book and unlike its Duck & Waffle predecessor, these recipes are simple to follow and cook from your very own kitchen. The book has a perfect balance of wholesome and naughty recipes to see you through the darkest of British winters. I particularly love how there is a section dedicated to hangovers - how about some Smoky Bacon Sloppy Joes or a Scotch Bhaji the morning after the office Christmas party? And Dan's philosophy to top nearly everything with an egg, which means a good chunk of this book is breakfast-friendly, hurrah!

The first recipe I tried out was his version of Mexican Eggs. A simple step away from huevos rancheros. Unlike the traditional recipe which involves a spicy tomato sauce which the eggs are baked in, Dan's recipe calls for a tasty Mexican chipotle salsa to drizzle over a couple of lovingly-fried eggs.

I've also tried his Middle Eastern Veggies, which were a delicious treat for a mid-week supper.

And high on my list of recpies to cook in the coming months are:

Shakshouka with Mint Yoghurt & Toasted Buckwheat (p.125)
Oven-roasted Tomatoes & Goats' Cheese (p. 28)
Banana Bread French Toast, Maple-roasted Apples & Creme Fraiche (p.185)
And, omg yes, Harissa Bolognese Baked Eggs, Runny Cheese (p. 50)