Monday, 14 November 2016

Breakfast at Canteen, Southbank, London

The very spacious Canteen is hidden behind London's busy Southbank, right behind a pretty decent food market which runs Friday through to Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled as it can get lost behind all the stalls selling brownies and chorizo. Part of the Royal Festival Hall, I'm glad to say Canteen's primary-coloured decor doesn't reflect school canteen food in the slightest. 

I've popped in here a few times and made my way through the menu and have had many tasty breakfasts, always thinking it's prices are on the London-side of "reasonable".

The menu may seem simple, but a few unusual breakfasts lie between the English breakfast and eggs florentine. May I present Welsh rarebit, roast tomato and poached egg (£6.50)...

Or some black pudding on sourdough, roast tomatoes (£6.50) and extra bacon (£2.25) - don't forget to check your teeth after this meal!

Maybe you fancy something a tad more comforting now the weather has dropped like a zillion degrees. Try Canteen's porridge, banana, honey and poppy seeds (£5.50), which I swear kept me warm and cosy until lunchtime.

And of course, the coveted avocado, poached eggs and chilli on toasted sourdough (£9.50).

Don't forget to take a walk around the food market after your breakfast. Food, followed by food - my perfect kind of Saturday.

Royal Festival Hall, 
Belvedere Rd, 
London SE1 8XX