Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The last days of summer

Hello breakfast-lovers, I know, I know. It's been a while. I have to apologise for my summer hiatus, but rest assured I have been eating, drinking and creating a lot this summer.

And haven't we had such a good one? I've really been able to take advantage of our tiny London garden this year, even if it is for a quick cup of coffee and a boiled egg in the morning sat at our rickety garden table.

But I've definitely been loving the long, hazy, summer nights which start off drinking pimms with our Ray-Bans and end up drinking Rioja, snuggled under piles of blankets and the stars.

Or sunny Sunday afternoons, one hand tending the smoking BBQ, the other holding onto a sunshine Aperol Spritz, condensation slowly dripping down the glass (I really think Aperol is my favourite colour).

And not forgetting frozen margaritas and ice-cold martinis served in lovely glasses I unearthed from my mum's attic. I told you there was a fair bit of booze.

This summer, alfresco dining has been a grown up affair, every evening setting the weathered table with a a pretty, yet simple tablecloth and a jar of sunflowers or gerberas to reflect my mood.

Check out my Instagram for all my food-related updates (I've given you a couple as a taster below). And apologies again, but sit tight, more breakfasts are coming your way very soon.

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