Saturday, 5 March 2016

Turkish eggs for brunch

I first tried Turkish eggs at Brew in Wimbledon Village and fell instantly in love with this luscious brunch dish. Kopapa's Turkish eggs, which I tried a few months later, were even better, doused in a generous oily chilli butter. I just love the colours, crisp white, fiery red and sunshine yellow, with a scattering of green. One mouthful provides you a spicy explosion of chilli and egg yolk, while the yoghurt and egg white comfortingly cools your tongue. Make sure you really char your bread to balance the smoothness of the creamy eggs with crisp, slightly burnt pitta.

I served this to my boyfriend, who is used to substantial weekend brunches of fiery chorizo and (lots of) eggs. Unfortunately, this one didn't go down to well with a man who eats four eggs a day. "Why are we eating cream?" he looked at the bowl in confusion and went to make scrambled eggs. Initially disgruntled by his reaction, I soon realised it fine with me, as I got to scoff his portion as well!

Recipe - for two

Take 300g of full-fat Greek yoghurt and stir through the zest of half a lemon, a squeeze of lemon juice and a generous grind of salt and pepper. Divide into two bowls. Start to poach two large eggs and in another pan melt 50g of butter and stir through 1tsp of chilli powder.

Once poached, lay the eggs on the yoghurt mixture and drizzle over the chilli butter - I also added another healthy splash of chilli oil.

Scatter over extra chilli flakes and shredded fresh mint leaves and serve with charred pitta or sourdough to generously dunk. 

When seated with the mixture of hot and cold Turkish eggs in front of you, use the bread as giant boiled-egg-soldiers to dip into the yoghurt and break open the beautiful golden yolks - you almost don't need cutlery, but if you do, use a spoon.

Enjoy x