Sunday, 22 November 2015

Mug of the Month: Y como no sabía que era imposible

I received this lovely mug from my friend earlier this month after she visited a cute gift shop in the south of Spain. The mug has a happy little elephant with wings flying through the air with the accompanying Spanish phrase: 'Y como no sabía que era imposible... lo hizo'.

Our mutual friend who lives in Spain tells me the direct translation is: ‘And as (or because) he didn't know it was impossible...he did it!’

The little elephant did not know he couldn't fly, but he gave it a go and found out he could. Takes the meaning of 'ignorance is bliss' or 'pigs might fly' to a much happier place, if you ask me.

And a nice little reminder every morning of how we should live our lives, perhaps?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Spicy peppers on sourdough with chorizo

This spicy creation was conjured up one miserable, soggy, Sunday morning. One of those days where you can't bear to leave the house. So I raided the fridge to see what could be whipped up to warm us up and thought a bit of spice would do the trick.

Using chili and paprika I perked up a green pepper and some shallots to sit on top of two slices of sourdough. Add crisp chorizo to turn up the heat even more, and of course, a poached egg with a runny, yellow yolk always turns a meal into brunch.

Recipe - serves two

Finely slice two shallots into long strips and fry in a little olive oil. Season and add chilli flakes and let the onions cook for around ten minutes. Turn down the heat and add finely sliced peppers and fry for another ten minutes. 

Put a pan of boiling water on the hob to simmer. 

In a griddle pan fry two slices of chorizo - keep an eye on it as it quickly chars, like mine did!

Add cherry tomatoes to the pepper mixture and let them cook while you prepare the rest of the dish. 

When the boiling water is simmering, drop in two eggs one at a time and poach for two minutes. 

Move the chorizo over to the edge of the pan, and add the sourdough to toast. Once the eggs are poached, plate up and serve with cooling crème fraîche.

Enjoy x