Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bubbly brunch at Lima Floral, London

Lima Floral, near Convent Garden in London, is the baby sister of the Peruvian restaurant Lima. Lima Floral says its aim is to showcase Peru “as a country full of diversity: ecologically, culturally and historically, sharing an authentic and native culinary offering.”

After a couple of glasses of prosecco from its bubbly brunch menu, I must admit I forgot to pay any attention to the ecological or historical Peruvian elements in this restaurant, but the food on the other hand was particularly special.

A three course brunch of several delicacies are served for £18, and you can also choose four glasses of prosecco for an extra £10. Our brunch consisted of the following:

Cereal. Quinoa Porridge.
Yoghurt. Eucalyptus. Muña Mint.
Fruits. Maca Root. Honey. Bee Pollen.

Potato Pancakes.
Suckling Pig Brioche Bun.
Egg Frittata. Spring Onions.

Amazonian Chocolate Mousse.
Aguaymanto. Cacao Crumble.
Alfajores. Dulce de Leche.

And you can also choose the long lunch for £30 with even more choice.

While I can’t remember, never mind pronounce, every single dish on the menu, I found Peruvian food to be fragrant (quinoa porridge), rich (sucking pig brioche bun) and bitter sweet (Amazonian chocolate mousse). The presentation was beautiful, as were the authentic yet modern surrounds.

Even if you skip the bubbles, £18 per head to taste all of this unusual food is a perfect way to start your weekend. Add it to your brunch list immediately!

Lima Floral
14 Garrick Street
London WC2E 9BJ
020 7240 5778