Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Heart shaped breakfast bowls

While I like most of my plates and crockery to be simple and classic, in the morning I'm open to a bit of whimsical nonsense.  

I love hearts - as you may have spotted from my favourite Emma Bridgewater mug and bowl set which often appears on this blog. And when I received these gorgeous minty heart bowls as a gift a couple of months back, they definitely fitted in with my love of breakfast.

This set of minty nesting bowls (also available in sunset colours) are £15 from Oliver Bonas.

At first I thought they were oddly large ramekins, but I soon realised they are just perfect for serving breakfast cereal, yogurt and fruit in individual bowls. Perhaps served next to a side of heart shaped raspberry buttermilk pancakes?

Breakfast in bed anyone?

These Oliver Bonas minty heart bowls are perfect for breakfast