Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Caramalised banana French toast

Is there a brunch more comforting and indulgent than French toast? Sweet or savoury, it hits the spot for me every time.

I didn't really discover French toast until quite recently. I was given a recipe for stodgy eggy bread from my mother when I left home for university. The scrap of paper saw me through many late night suppers and dreary hangovers: stale bread fried in egg with the biggest splodge of ketchup on the side would fix me in a mouthful.

But over the course of my London breakfast adventure, I've been introduced to posh French toast on nearly every menu I painstaking examined. Savoury with rashers of crispy bacon, or stacked high with fruit and maple syrup. So many variations and choices, but I decided to give this retro banana recipe a go.

I like to think of this is a celebration recipe (despite the fact I made it on a regular weekend!). It would be great for a birthday treat to spoil a loved one, or a naughty start to the day for guests staying over at the weekend. And this recipe is definitely more refined French toast, than eggy bread eaten in your PJs on the sofa. Pile high slices of sweet egg soaked brioche on a serving platter and top with sticky bananas, and I guarantee whoever has the pleasure of your company will not be able to resist tucking in with earnest.

Caramalised banana French toast: serves 2-3

Slice five or six thick doorstep slices of a shop bought brioche loaf. Meanwhile whisk four eggs and add two tsps of cinnamon. Pour the egg mixture onto a large plate and soak the brioche slices two at a time, giving them a good five minutes to absorb the egg.

While the bread is soaking, slice two bananas at angles and place in a small pan with a good knob of butter, and set the pan to a medium heat.

Take a second larger pan and melt another knob of butter on a medium-high heat. Once melted transfer your brioche slices to the pan - I can usually manage three in a pan at once. Turn down the heat slightly and the bread will need 1-2 minutes on each side, so keep a close eye as they burn quite quickly.

Your bananas should be softening, so add 1 tbsp of brown sugar and a splash of orange juice. Keep stirring the bananas, adding more orange juice to create a sticky sauce.

Once the first batch of toast is golden brown, keep warm on a plate in the oven and fry off the second batch.

Once all the toast has been fried up, plate up and layer the banana slices on top with a good drizzle of the sauce. Serve with a dollop of yogurt - my favourite is Rachel's Organic Greek Style Honey yogurt.


Enjoy x