Sunday, 15 February 2015

Breakfast at Buvette, West Village, NYC

Buvette is a gorgeous little gem of a bistro located in New York's West Village. Pint-sized and welcoming, this is my ideal place to go for a lazy weekend brunch.

While I found the coveted Balthazar refined and regal, Buvette felt to me much more relaxed, with splashes of character that the straight-laced Balthazar was missing.

Precariously placed around a tiny table near the bar, my two friends and I admired the cute menu, which was not just small in size, but had a sweet little pop out with line drawings, including one of a puppy suggesting a "hair of the dog" cocktail.

We ordered our food, coffees and juices, and admired the framed prints on the wall and the chalked map of France detailing wine regions. Our juices arrived in miniature carafes, and when the coffees joined there was hardly any room for the cups and saucers, never mind the food. While normally this would have bothered me, I was clearly in a NYC-infused foodie tourist bliss.

We started with two croissants, and while I'll praise the sweet jam and creamy butter, this was a little cheeky up-sell and we thought at first it was given to us on the house. We asked and decided to enjoy them anyway - but be wary of that.

The food arrived on dainty plates - waffles with berries, the special omelette with sweet sundried tomatoes and goats cheese, as well as the avocado and chilli on a doorstep of whole grain bread. And everything was beautifully presented and very delicious.

This tiny little French bistro has a lively atmosphere and serves fantastic food – it’s pretty much how I imagine the breakfast cafe I’d like to open one day.  Be careful of the upsells and don't expect a cheap meal, but definitely worth a visit.

Food and drinks (no cocktails) for three over $100 - not including tip.


42 Grove Street, West Village, NYC