Monday, 26 January 2015

Mug of the Month: Stumptown Coffee Roasters, NYC

I couldn't go to New York City without hunting out a decent coffee shop, and an early frosty morning walk downtown to Greenwich Village later I had arrived at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. 

An independent coffee chain which started in Portland, Stumptown now has shops in New York, Seattle and Los Angeles, and I thought it would be appropriate to share it with you for January's Mug of the Month. 

I'd heard about this quality roasters on social media, and when I arrived the queue was out of the door - surely a good sign considering the number of coffee shops in the city? And I'm glad I waited, as it only took ten minutes during which I examined the coffee beans for sale and the branded Stumptown enamel mugs.

I went for my usual choice of a latte, and while I'm not a coffee connoisseur in the slightest, I can say that it was damn good coffee. Creamy, with not too much froth and a substantial - but not overpowering - coffee taste.

Wander by for a winter pick me up and warm your hands on a cup of joe while you walk through nearby Washington Square Park.