Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Riding House Cafe’s chorizo hash brown

Chorizo is one of my favourite foods. Vibrant, vivacious, spicy, sizzling - what's not to love?

It took me a mere 30 seconds to choose the chorizo hash brown from the breakfast menu at The Riding House Cafe a couple of weeks ago, and the comforting dish stayed with me for some time.

The decoration in The Riding House Cafe is questionable...?

I wanted to try and recreate it, and after a little research online , I spotted the recipe on The Riding House Cafe's blog. I decided to give it a whirl one Saturday morning when I hadn't emerged from the warmth of my bed until 11am - definitely brunch time. 

Not a bad start to the weekend if you ask me. The chorizo permeates the potato hash brown beautifully and the spicy warmth perked me up on a chilly winter's morning. The chives and spring onions added freshness and a poached egg laid lovingly on the top finished it off nicely. 

That said, my egg disappointed me, as it wasn't runny enough, and even if it had have been, I think this dish deserves a sauce of sorts. Maybe I've been eating too many eggs benedicts recently, but something warm and gooey would take this to the next level. But I'm still not sure what that is, a white sauce? A tomato passata? Or maybe just a simple dollop of creme fraiche would moisten the hash brown.

The recipe called for grated potato, but if like me you couldn't get hold of a firm spud, my grated tatties turned into mash anyway - I reckon if you've got some leftover mash potato from the night before that would make this recipe a lot quicker and would work just as well. 

Also, I think there might be a mistake with the recipe, as it asks for an extra egg, which isn't used in the instructions, I used that spare egg to bind the cooked potato, chives and spring onions before popping it in the pan. 

Why not give it a go this weekend? Or head to The Riding House Cafe for the real deal.

Enjoy x

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