Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mug of the Month - Christmas comforts

Christmas mugs are like Christmas jumpers - they only emerge few weeks each year and everyone has their favourite which makes them feel warm and cosy.

Book? Check. Blanket? Check? Mug of steaming tea in a Christmas mug? YES!

My advice to you, if you don't already have a Christmas mug, is to go and buy one this week. Go on, treat yourself to a cup of cheer. From tacky and ridiculous to tasteful and refined, drinking your morning tea or coffee out of a seasonal mug will transform you from a Scrooge to an Elf in an instant. And come January, wrap it up with your Christmas decorations and if you're anything like me, by next year you will have probably forgotten all about it.

Christmas mugs can also be used for sipping hot mulled wine and cider while snuggled under a warm blanket. Well... 'tis the season.

A stylish 12 Days of Christmas design - perfect for mulled wine 

"Nine ladies dancing"

Cheers! x