Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Breakfast at Milk Bar & Bistro, Barcelona

The scent of incense hung in the air and funky blues music droned gently in the background as I walked into Milk Bar & Bistro tucked away on a side street in the centre of Barcelona.

I love original cocktail bars in the evening which turn into boutique breakfast joints by the morning serving a ‘recovery brunch’ until the middle of the afternoon. And this trendy Milk Bar didn’t disappoint.

The bar takes centre stage with an array of brightly colour liquor bottles standing to attention. One wall was decorated with brightly patterned wallpaper, while every other wall surface was covered in quirky frames displaying prints ranging from an antique map of Spain to back and white vintage postcards. While taking in my surroundings, I spotted a faux stag's head on another wall by the bar. This chap was more teddy bear than road kill but added a hipster charm to the venue.

The menu ranges from a ‘sweethearts’ choice of pancakes and French toast, to classics including eggs Benedict and omelettes which come with oven home-style potatoes.

Reasonably priced for such a trendy place in the middle of town, I was stuck between the hamtastic omelette (€9.00) and the huevos rancheros (€7.95), but then I remembered I was in Spain and I could whip up an omelette any old day...

I settled back on the brown sofa which lined the outer walls with brightly colour scatter cushions for comfort and waiting for my fresh orange juice (€3.50). I’ve been told this place gets very busy on the weekends so get there early like I did and you'll get the place almost to yourself, with a couple of early birds dropping in for a strong coffee and a big breakfast.

My huevos rancheros arrived very quickly, and although it wasn’t the prettiest plate of food I’ve eaten (no amount of Instagram filters was going to improve the watery pool of the guacamole), it was very tasty. It had a nice heat of chilli without blasting my head off at that time in the morning, and while I did find the consistency of the guacamole very strange, it tasted good and the eggs were cooked to my liking. And the dish was topped off with a huge dollop of sour cream, and while it was a little early for crisps, the tortilla chips were handy to mop up the breakfasty goodness.

Milk Bar & Bistro,
Gignas 21, Barcelona, Spain
+34 932 680 922

Breakfast at Café Veranda, Hotel Arts, Barcelona

For the rest of the week I was consigned to the Hotel Arts on the seafront in Barcelona for a conference. It was such hard work being forced to stay in a five star hotel with matching five star food and where the beds are made of clouds. But most importantly the breakfast buffet was insane! Everything you could want for breakfast ... And more!

On the first day I had the sweetest, delicious Bircher muesli. The second I choose smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and my last morning I paid a visit to the pancake station. Yes, that's right pancake station. Oh happy days! I made have had enough space to fit in a cheeky churro or two as well. 

Instagram perfection.

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