Monday, 13 October 2014

Mug of the Month - a spot of tea at the Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

This month I've been lucky enough to have spent almost a week in San Francisco covering a conference. Work hard, play hard is the key to conference season as a journalist, but I managed to grab a couple of hours peace one morning when I visited the Japanese Tea Garden in San Franicsco's beautiful Golden Gate Park.

Pay $8 and you can wander around the tranquil and meticulously designed gardens full of bonsai trees, cherry blossom, koi carps and one very funky Buddha.

After a peaceful stroll around the garden I sat in the little cafe and ordered a jasmine tea which came in a gorgeous blue and salmon Japanese tea cup. I'd spent the evening beforehand eating my way through a inordinate amount of sushi and gyoza so the cleansing jasmine went down a treat.

A quick visit to the gift shop on my way out and I had to prise myself apart from a gorgeous blue and pink flowered tea set by reminding myself that our small London kitchen couldn't possibly take the strain of anymore "novelty" crockery. But I'm still mourning the blue and pink tea set now I'm back in the UK. See, look how pretty: