Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One for the weekend – The Hairy Biker’s lazybones buns (Luilakbollen)

I have a bit of an obsession with The Hairy Bikers. I watch Si and Dave on the BBC all the time, and on my last blog, I chattered about their tour of Britain relentlessly. I also have all their cookbooks, bar one (apparently my housemate didn’t want to get me their diet book for my birthday in case she offended me!) I just want to meet them so I can have a massive Northern sandwich-hug.

Anyway, back to breakfast - I was flicking through their Big Book of Baking one wet and soggy Sunday morning looking for a breakfast bun recipe when I came across Luilakbollen, also known as lazybones buns.

According to the Bikers, Luilak is a Dutch festival the day before Whit Sunday.

“Young people start to crowd the streets at four in the morning, whistling, banging on doors and ringing bells to make as much noise as they can. Any young person who fails to get up is a ‘lazybones’. As well as making lots of noise, the revellers stuff themselves with goodies, including these very tasty buns, which are a bit like our hot cross buns.”

While I’ve missed both Whitson and Easter by months, I still decided to give these hot cross bun imposters a whirl.

Surprisingly until now, I haven't ever baked bread before. But in dedication to another one of my favourite TV food programmes – The Great British Bake Off – I decided to get over my fear of yeast and get kneading.

Ingredients lined up and ready to go

I treated my yeast like a child, I was so scared I would kill it off

Lazybones buns ready for the oven

After the kneading, knocking back, two proves and 20 minutes in the oven, I was pretty terrified I'd messed them up. But I broke the warm crusts to a light smell of cinnamon and a light-as-a-feather bread. To be honest, I was quite proud of my first attempt at baking bread, and I think so was my housemate.

They aren’t as spiced as hot cross buns, and still warm out of the oven I served them with butter and honey which appealed to my sweet tooth.

Oozing with honey, they really did make a delicious mid-morning treat enjoyed under a woolen blanket while the rain battered on the windows.

Enjoy these lazybones buns under a blanket with a cup of tea

Find the recipe here. Enjoy x