Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mug of the Month - Emma Bridgewater's Year in the Country

Summer is nearly over, and there's a distinct chill in the air after a couple of sweltering hot months. So for those brave enough to wrap up in their jumpers, put on their wellies and make the most of the outdoors by camping this September, this is the mug you will want to take with you to warm you up on a brisk late summer morning.

Emma Bridgewater's a Year in the Country range has this gorgeously painted mug by Matthew Rice, showing a family camping adventure, making it my Mug of the Month for September.

Camping - don't forget the children!

Emma Bridgewater's Year in the Country 1/2 pint mug

It comes gorgeously presented in this little conservatory gift box with more lovely designs - I couldn't throw it away!

The end of summer is near - Year in the Country

I'm such a fan of Emma Bridgewater's designs, and this collaboration with Matthew is so fitting. Take a look at this metal tray, isn't it lovely?

Year in the Country - tea in the garden

Playful paintings by Matthew Rice

See the entire Year in the Country range on the Emma Bridgewater website here.