Saturday, 23 August 2014

Breakfast at your Desk: 10 overnight oats recipes

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you will have seen over the last couple of weeks my breakfast journey documented with many stylish filters.

I’ve pulled together this roundup of my favourite overnight oats recipes, including a fabulous traditional Bircher Muesli recipe. It is a perfect Breakfast at your Desk recipe -an easy, nutritious and oh-so-tasty start to the day.

Overnight oats - aka Bircher Muesli
I started getting very excited about these overnight oat jars (or Bircher muesli) at the beginning of the summer. This chilled alternative to hot porridge is made by letting the oats soak overnight in combinations of milk or fruit juice and yoghurt.

The raw oats need to soak up the liquid overnight, so I make mine in the evening to take with me the next morning for a decent breakfast at my desk. You can even make it in bulk as it lasts for a good few days in the fridge.

My basic recipe is equal parts of oats, yoghurt and almond milk, with variations of fruit and flavours added to the mix. Here's my round up of the top 10 overnight oats recipes:

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Enjoy x

1. The first attempt - coconut yoghurt, raspberries, chia and pomegranate

2. Raspberries, goji, and honey 
Use raspberry yoghurt to give it an extra fruity kick.

3. Coconut, cacao and banana
A little bit exotic, mix coconut yogurt, with raw cacao powder and add slices of banana.

4. Ginger and pineapple
Basic overnight oats recipe using Rachel's lovely ginger yoghurt, add fresh pineapple in the morning.

5. Summer cherry delight
De-stone some fresh cherries and add to a fruit yoghurt of your choice

6. Chia seeds and poached plums
Basic overnight oats recipe with a teaspoon of chia goodness, serve with poached plum for a sticky start to the day.

7. Rocky road
The most unhealthy one on the list: chocolate yoghurt with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Serve with a crumbling of biscuit.

8. Berry good for you 
Add blueberries, goji berries and strawberries to natural yoghurt, include chia seeds and raspberries if you want an extra antioxidant boost.

9. Barmy banoffee 
Toffee yogurt with slices of banana – add chocolate chips for a treat

10. Traditional apple Bircher Muesli
For number ten, I thought I'd go back to the roots of Bircher Muesli and try a more traditional recipe.

Mix together the following:
  • Grated apple
  • Tsp cinnamon
  • Tsp chia seeds
  • Dollop of honey
  • Tbsp seeds of your choice
  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 cup of unsweetened apple juice
  • A dash of almond milk
  • 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt
Serve with fresh berries.

NOTE: Over the last couple of months, I've played around with different recipes and different yoghurts. If you use fat free yoghurt I've found this often gives a looser consistency, so you may need to add more oats if you like your Bircher to be thick and satisfying.