Thursday, 21 August 2014

One for the weekend - baked eggs royale

I recently told you how easy it is to make baked eggs for an impressive weekend brunch.

It's one of those recipes you can just play around with and use whatever is in your fridge. And last weekend, I managed to create a really posh version of baked eggs by adding smoked salmon.

The finished product was baked eggs royale.

Eggs Benedict Royale is when you switch the ham for smoked salmon, so I took the same theory and added a little smoked salmon and spinach to my baked eggs.

It's only August, but already our summer seems to be drawing to a close. But if you see some sunshine trying to escape from the clouds, quickly rustle up these little pots of pure breakfast indulgence and eat al fresco while you still have a chance. I love the sultry pink of the salmon, the bright greens and the golden yellow yolk, bound to bring a smile to your face in the morning.

Baked in a bain-marie for about 12 minutes,
this was seriously tasty brunch

Enjoy with golden buttered toast

Baked eggs royale, perfect for al fresco dining

Dunk your soldiers into the brightly coloured baked eggs

For the basic baked eggs recipe, check out my post here.