Monday, 14 July 2014

Brunch at The Shed, Wadebridge, Cornwall

On a recent holiday to Cornwall, the urge to discover new brunch spots remained strong, and I hunted out The Shed Cafe and Brunch Bar in nearby Wadebridge to spend a sunny morning lining my stomach before exploring the Cornish coastline.

Tucked away on a side street in Wadebridge, The Shed's bright red door welcomed customers from the main road. The minuscule little cafe has room for around ten people inside, as well as several tables outside. It was a weekday morning when we visited so it was quiet and we were served quickly and with a smile while sat outside in the glorious morning sunshine.

The Shed Cafe and Brunch Bar

The minuscule coffee bar 

Decisions, decisions...

Very reasonably priced, I choose the French toast with caramelised bananas off the specials board, while my companions decided on the bacon and Brie croissant, sausage bap and the full Kernow breakfast. Two pots of tea, a macchiato and an apple juice bought the total bill for four to around £25.

I love this brightly coloured china
The drinks arrived on brightly coloured china, and our breakfasts soon followed. While the bap and croissant were tasty, yet nothing particularly special, the big breakfast and French toast were definitely worth the visit.

Kernow is Cornish for Cornwall, and it's big breakfast boasted all local produce. While I've admitted I'm not a fan of full Englishbreakfasts, this was not at all greasy, and was hoovered up by my friend. I managed to steal a piece of the huge sausage, which was slightly spiced and very juicy, while the egg was delicately steamed-fried and the fried bread sat buttery and golden on the side of beans, a slice of bacon and half a grilled tomato.

Full Kernow breakfast

But I was in the mood for something sweet, and my French toast with caramelised banana hit the spot. The eggy bread was gooey with sticky sweet banana on top, all dusted with a light layer of icing sugar. Definitely one I'll be trying at home.

This is a mighty breakfast

Enjoying The Shed in the sunshine

If you're ever in the area, don't miss this tiny little gem on Trevanson Street in Wadebridge.