Thursday, 26 June 2014

Breakfast at your desk - banging banana bread

Make this delicious banana bread on a Sunday afternoon to keep you going for breakfasts all throughout the week. But beware - if you take the entire loaf into the office for breakfast, I would be surprised if you manage to keep more than a single slice to yourself.

I added walnuts, apricots, sultanas and chia seeds into the mix after you combine the regular banana bread ingredients: 125g of melted butter with 140g of sugar and two beaten eggs, then add three mashed overripe bananas and all the extras. Once that is combined, stir in 170g of flour with 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda and 2tsp of baking powder. Then pop in a preheated oven at 160°C for around 1hour and 20mins, covering with tin foil after 45mins to prevent the top from burning. When it's ready, a metal skewer inserted into the loaf should come out clean. 

Eat with coconut yogurt, or on it's own, still warm from the tin. But it's also perfect cold the next day on it's own.

All right. Yes, it's basically a cake rather than a bread. And along with sugar, butter and flour it may not be the healthiest of starts to the day. But I feel that you do have other nutritional elements in the form of banana, dried fruit, nuts and magical chia seeds. 

Nutritional breakdown:
Apricots and sultanas- for fiber and antioxidants
Walnuts - for omega-3 essential fatty acids and vitamin E
Chia - for high fiber, protein and omega 3

And for once in my life I've baked this banana bread without any chocolate chips (a massive sacrifice if you ask me), maybe next time I'll add some cacao powder to give it a richer depth.

But don't kid yourself, either way, this isn't the most slimming of breakfasts. 

My next task is to find a more healthy and perhaps gluten-free version to make me feel slightly less guilty for eating cake for my morning meal.

But this weekend, I'm heading to Glastonbury Festival for the first time and I've made this loaf to take me with to help me with any -ahem- fragile and -according to the weather forecast - soggy mornings. This banana bread will stay moist happily for up for a week in a cake tin and I'll be hiding this breakfast bounty safely in my tent. I can imagine it will be a god-send in the mornings.

Enjoy x

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